Governor Reynolds offers leadership, reality check in rebuttal

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (Wednesday, March 2, 2022) – President Joe Biden attempted and failed to rally U.S. citizens by painting a falsely rosy picture of the State of the Union, according to a statement released today by the Iowa Federation of Republican Women. “Although Biden has done a terrible job of leading our country, eroding both our economy and our global reputation, all Republicans are optimistic and energized following Governor Kim Reynolds’ address,” said Barbara Hames-Bryant, president of the Iowa Federation of Republican Women.

“Governor Reynolds’ response last night was a breath of fresh air compared to President Biden’s stale State of the Union speech. Republican governors have shown that it is possible to keep kids safe while keeping them in school, and keep businesses running without running them out of business,” stressed Hames-Bryant, a business owner from Cedar Rapids.

“We’re proud of Iowa and our governor,” she added. “Governor Reynolds’ comments last night put a spotlight on Iowa, on what is achievable. The rest of America should now be encouraged that better schools, smaller government, and lower taxes are possible with common sense, conservative leadership.”

Highlights from the Governor’s speech include:

  • Instead of locking down our state for two years, we gave people freedom.
  • Instead of spending trillions of dollars in wasteful spending, we balanced the budget and cut taxes.
  • And instead of indoctrinating our kids with socialist propaganda, we banned Critical Race Theory.

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Contact: Lori Leonard Reyman