Governor signs bills to preserve life and liberty, reduce tax burden

CEDAR RAPIDS (Friday, May 21, 2021) – After nearly three weeks of overtime, the Iowa Legislature has adjourned for the year, sending bills to the governor which support law enforcement, protect 2nd Amendment rights, put more control of children’s education into the hands of parents, preserve election integrity, deliver tax cuts, and uphold the sanctity of life. The 89th General Assembly of the Iowa Legislature gaveled in January 11 and adjourned May 19.

“Governor Reynolds understands that Iowans prize their liberties above all, and that maintaining freedom of choice in education, attracting and keeping people in Iowa, and allowing Iowans to keep more of their hard-earned money is a great way to show people, ‘We want you here,’ ” IowaFRW President Barbara Hames-Bryant said in a statement today.

“Iowa has proved again that spending no more than revenue, while still fully funding schools and social services, is possible, and creates abundant opportunities for Iowans and businesses,” Hames-Bryant added.

Examples of key legislative priorities passed during the 2020 Legislative Session follow (source: Office of the Governor of Iowa):

Tax Relief for Hardworking Iowans

Reducing taxes benefits Iowa families and makes our state more competitive.

  • $300 million income tax cut by removing triggers that delay tax relief (SF619)
  • $100 million property tax relief by fully removing the mental health levy and phasing out the inheritance tax with complete removal by January 2025 (SF619)

Putting Students First, Supporting Parental Choice, Investing in Education A high-quality educations system that offers innovative learning opportunities and empowers parents to choose the best path for their children is the foundation of a strong state.

  • Ensures every child and family in Iowa has the opportunity to attend school 100% in-person starting in Feb. 2021 (SF160)
  • Allows parents to make health care decisions for their children by prohibiting schools from requiring masks (HF847)
  • Expands charter schools, giving parents and students greater options and flexibility while also allowing for innovation to occur within the classroom (HF813)
  • Bans instruction teaching that America is inherently racist (HF802)

Ensuring Universal Broadband Access

High-speed internet is as vital to our communities as running water and electricity – this became abundantly clear during the pandemic.

  • Invests $100 million in broadband to transform infrastructure into a powerful network, enabling fast, high quality connectivity across the entire state and resulting in one of the most significant broadband build-outs in the nation (HF867)

Affordable Housing

Creative solutions that address pent-up demand for affordable housing will encourage families to move where opportunities exist and help our communities thrive.

  • Invests in attainable housing by increasing funding to the State Housing Trust Fund at $7 million a year (SF619)
  • Builds high quality homes in rural and urban Iowa by increasing the Workforce Housing Tax Credit to $40 million for FY22 and then $35 million going forward (SF619)

Providing High-Quality Affordable Child Care

Iowa has the third highest percentage of households with both (or the only) parents working. Improving access to child care will allow parents to nurture their children while remaining in the workforce.

  • Increases eligibility for the Early Childhood and Dependent Tax Credits from $45,000 to $90,000 so families are not penalized for hard work and upward mobility (SF619)

Growing a 21st Century Economy

Supporting industry investments and incentives to help Iowa manufacturers remain competitive in the global manufacturing supply chain.

  • Develops a Manufacturing 4.0 strategic roadmap for the future of manufacturing in the state of Iowa and allows Iowa companies to make strategic investments in their workplaces by coupling with Federal Bonus Depreciation (SF619)

Promoting Strong and Healthy Families

New models of care delivery based on the needs of Iowans will help to ensure that quality health care remains accessible, affordable, and close to home.

  • Creates a long-term, sustainable funding stream for Iowa’s mental health system and increases mental health funding from $98 million in 2021 to $135 million by 2026, with a mechanism to allow funding to automatically increase as Iowa’s economy grows (SF619)
  • Expands access to the children’s mental health waiver through increased funding (HF891)
  • Provides additional funding for providers who care for Iowa’s most vulnerable, including PMICs, home and community-based services, nursing facilities and home health agencies (HF891)

Supporting Law Enforcement

In Iowa, we will always back our brave men and women in blue. Supporting our police and other law enforcement officers will help to keep our communities safe and strong.

  • Provides additional due process protections for law enforcement officers and protects officers, prosecutors, and judges from being targeted (SF342)
  • Increases the Emergency Volunteer Tax Credit, serving as financial assistance to those that step up and serve (SF619)
  • Puts in place tougher penalties for those who loot, riot, or block our streets (SF342)

Securing Our Elections, Our Constitutional Rights, and Protecting the Unborn

Iowans believe in life, liberty, and a constitution that protects it. Iowa is leading the way, and our state stands in stark contrast to the policies of Washington, D.C.

Election Security

  • Ensures elections are fair, secure, and free from fraud (SF413)
  • Strengthens uniformity by providing Iowa’s election officials with consistent parameters for Election Day, absentee voting, database maintenance, and a clear appeals process for local county auditors.

Constitutional Rights

  • A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Iowa relating to the right of the people to keep and bear arms (SJR 7)
  • Allows Iowans to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights without purchasing a permit from the government (HF756)
  • Bans vaccine passports (HF 889)
  • Protects the free speech rights of students living on college campuses (HF 744)

Protecting Life

  • Protects the rights of the unborn by passing a constitutional amendment that clearly states there is not a fundamental right to abortion

Reinvigorating the Iowa Agriculture Economy

Farming is a way of life we value in Iowa, and we’re committed to protecting it for our families and future generations.

  • Supports the next generation of Iowa farmers by expanding Beginning Farmer Tax Credit program eligibility (SF619)
  • Safeguards Iowa’s livestock industry through increased funding for foreign animal disease preparedness and protects premise identification information (HF860/SF578)
  • Establishes a small meat processing program to help expand Iowa’s meat processing capacity and support small processors (HF 857)

“The Iowa Legislature, with Republican majorities in both Chambers, and with our tremendous conservative governor, made record strides this Session in preserving our Constitution and serving the best interests of Iowans,” Hames-Bryant remarked. “As the Iowa Federation of Republican Women, we are continually focusing forward and are ready to energize and mobilize our volunteers, and take our Iowa brand of common sense to Washington, D.C.,,” said Hames-Bryant.

The Iowa Federation of Republican Women will hold its Fall Biennial Conference in Des Moines on Oct. 8-9, with venue to be determined.

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